Project Coyote Swap: FRPP Control Pack

Late Model Restoration Mustang Coyote Swap: Ford Racing Control Pack & fuel system install video. We have a few things that need to be highlighted before we can install the Ford 5.0L Coyote Engine into the Bondurant SVT Cobra.

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With the old motor out of the way, it is time to start our Mustang Coyote swap! If you saw our Project Coyote Swap Introduction, then you know we will be installing the Ford M-6007-M50 5.0L Coyote motor into the Late Model Restoration 97 Cobra Bondurant race car. Being that this is a race car, we do have a few fewer accessories to worry about compared to your standard street Fox Body or SN-95 Mustang but we will cover all the major steps needed to do this swap on your own. One of the first and most important pieces to this swap is to install the Ford Racing Controls Pack M-6017-A504V.

Ford Racing did an amazing job with their Control Pack. These kits help make the Coyote Swap a do-it-yourself project that can be done in your own garage. The FRPP Control Pack includes PCM (ECU) with a Ford Racing calibration, electronic throttle control (drive by wire), accelerator pedal, complete wiring harness, OBD-II diagnostic data port, power distribution module, air intake tube, intake box, MAF sensor, and HEGO sensors. This swap requires a return-style coyote fuel system and will not work with returnless fuel systems seen on 99-04 Mustangs. If you are doing this on a 99-04 Mustang with a returnless style fuel system you will need to convert to a return style system.

The Ford Racing Control Pack wiring harness is clearly labeled with the plenty of information, and wiring diagrams are included in the instructions. Built into the wiring harness are connections for all the included hardware and the non-included hardware such as an alternator, cooling fan, the starter solenoid, and more. Again, FRPP made this control pack as user-friendly as you can make it. All you have to do is follow along with the included instructions, and you will find that the wiring is a cakewalk. In watching the video you will see that we located the OBD-II port in the engine bay for easy access is that the Mustang used for racing (this may change as we continue the build). We also mounted the PCM in the engine bay to keep it as protected as possible. We also used the SVE Coyote Swap Pedal Bracket ( SVE-9729PB) to easily mount the Ford Racing accelerator pedal into our Fox Mustang or SN95 Mustang.

With the wiring harness and PCM in place, it was time to address the coyote swap fuel system needs. Again the Ford Racing instructions do a great job highlighting all the fuel systems modifications you need to start your Coyote motor up! The PCM is calibrated for a return-style fuel system with a 55 psi delta fuel pressure across the injector. This means you will need a fuel pressure regulator that will allow you to maintain 55 psi at the fuel rail with the engine off. You will also need AN fuel rail adaptor (RUS-640853) to connect the fuel rail to the fuel system. Ford Racing states that the fuel pump requirements are 155 L/Hr minimum at 55psi. If you need to upgrade your Mustang fuel pump, check out our Mustang Fuel System Tech YouTube Playlist. There you will find all the Mustang tech you need to remove your fuel tank, install a new fuel pump, and plenty more!

We have now completed the Ford Racing Controls Pack installation and set up our return-style coyote swap fuel system. With these steps down and behind us we can now turn to the fun part that we know you all have been waiting to see – installing the motor. This next section will be a big update so hang tight as we prepare to answer more of your Mustang Coyote Swap questions!

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About the Video

Project Coyote Swap: FRPP Control Pack

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Published on 2013-04-16
If you are following along with our Mustang Coyote Swap project in the SN-95 race car - you are in luck. Today is the second part of the swap. The first major component to doing a Ford 5.0 Coyote swap into any vehicle is to figure out how you want to route the Ford Racing control pack ( M-6017-A504V ) in the engine bay. Because we know there are so many different ways for this to be done we just wanted to highlight how we ran ours. Some people may want to hide wiring or locate ECU and data link connection in other places. With our Mustang we decided that having easy access to it all in the engine bay is best seeing this is a race car.

Next we addressed the fuel system modifications needed before we install the motor. Also while we were running the control pack wiring we decided we would go ahead and mount the drive by wire pedal assymbly using the SVE pedal bracket ( SVE-9729PB ). Stay tuned for the next update - its a big one! Installing the 5.0L Coyote engine into the Mustang!!
0:00:00 - 0:00:15
Quick progress update on our 97 Cobra Mustang Coyote Swap. We've got our Ford Racing control pack harness run we've got the gas pedal in place and we've got the fuel system pretty much lined out the way we want it. So let’s show you what we did. We've bent some angle brackets and mounted the pcm to the passenger side fender apron.

0:00:15 - 0:00:41

We ran the pcm harness up behind the fender apron and around the front of the core support. Quick fast in dirty we mounted the fuse box and data link connector under the hood we're not a 100% with that. We
do want to get it inside the car. For the Mustang fuel system we mounted a regulator over here on the firewall. Took the factory fuel lines, cut them down and put compression fitting with AN adapter and fuel line adapter so that we we can run braided fuel line and we have the braided line run over where it's going to connect to the fuel rail.

0:00:41 - 0:01:08

Let's hop inside the card check out what we did with the pedal. Using our SVE pedal bracket, the Ford Racing control pack pedal bolted right into the Mustang. It is gonna work perfectly. We did have to bend a little bit of metal on the way to get it to plug in. On keep in mind this is not the end all be all of coyote swaps. There are several liberties we can take on this Mustang that you may not be able to take on your Mustang because we are working on a race car. We just want to illustrate how easy it is to put a 5.0L coyote motor in any late model Mustang.

0:01:08 - 0:01:27

The Ford Racing control pack is clearly labeled and comes with intense instructions so it's pretty clear as to where everything goes. On our next checkup we're gonna show you how the motor goes into the Cobra. So subscriber to our YouTube channel and check out for all of your Mustang coyote swap parts!!