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New Edge Mustang First Mods

Follow this article guide from Late Model Restoration that will examine the best first mods for 1999-04 New Edge Mustangs!

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New Edge Mustang First Mods - New Edge Mustang First Mods

It is hard to believe that the New Edge Ford Mustang model started over 20+ years ago. When this facelift of the SN95 Mustang appeared in 1999 with sharper, more stealthy lines, the design ques pointed directly back to the glory-days of Ford’s beloved pony car.

Horsepower was up to 260 from 225 in 1998 thanks to the new Performance-Improved cylinder heads and intake manifold. Transmissions and rear end were unchanged going into these final years of the Fox chassis so that would help with the aftermarket parts yearning to be installed to boost performance to the 1999-2004 Mustangs!

Many of the New Edge Mustangs have been modified at this stage of their lives but if you get your hands on a stock, blank canvas car, this article will be one for you! This article will examine the best mods for New Edge Mustangs!

New Edge Mustang First Mods - New Edge Mustang First Mods

SVE Appearance Kit

If you are in the market to transform the frontend of your 1999-04 New Edge Mustang, one of LMR.com’s SVE Exterior Appearance Packages is the way to go! These kits offer the best cosmetic modifications to make your Mustang stand out from the competition.

Finish off the appearance kit with a 8" antenna and a pair of new 2001-2004 factory-style tinted Mustang Headlights, both from SVE! Do not underestimate what a quick facelift can do for your 1999-2004 New Edge Mustang that will give a much needed cosmetic upgrade!

Removing the stock honeycomb grill and corral for the popular Mach 1 Grille Delete with a chrome or black running pony Emblem adds an aggressive look and allows more air to the radiator to cool your engine! Adding a Mach 1 Chin Spoiler can upgrade the sometimes mundane GT/v6 front bumper giving a classic look reminiscent of the 1969-70 Mach 1.

New Edge Mustang First Mods - New Edge Mustang First Mods

Cat-Back Exhaust

Changing the sound of your New Edge Mustang is one of, if not, the most popular “first mods” you can perform on your muscle car! You can be simple and just change the mufflers but this will require cutting and welding which, for the money, is not worth it when compared to other exhaust options.

Upgrading to a full cat-back exhaust will benefit you with larger diameter pipes to improve exhaust flow and the appearance of the back end of the car with rolled, straight cut, or angle cut tips! A plethora of different types and designs of brands and muffler sounds are available from chambered (Flowmaster) to straight through (Borla, Magnaflow) styles.

New Edge Mustang First Mods - New Edge Mustang First Mods


In order to get the best benefit from exhaust modifications, changing the headers and mid-pipe is where the power boost really comes from for your V8 engine. The New Edge Mustang will really pick up the ponies when opening up the exhaust flow! The boost in power is very similar between an X-Pipe or an H-Pipe but the sound will usually be deeper with the H-Pipe versus the more raspy tone of the X-Pipe.

Choosing between Shorty headers or long tube headers is almost a no-brainer! Shorty headers, while they are an improvement over the stock exhaust manifolds, do not hold a candle to the ol’ butt-dyno feel of the long tube header option. A specific mid-pipe will be needed to match up with the long tube options.

New Edge Mustang First Mods - New Edge Mustang First Mods

Lowering Springs

Let’s face it, the New Edge Mustang in stock form looks like it could put in time as an off-road rock crawler. They desperately are in need of a decent drop. A two-inch drop looks right at home with the 1999-2004 Mustang and will not only improve the overall appearance of your Pony but handling, in most cases, is also improved. LMR offers a wide variety of lowering springs from mild to wild.

Do not forget to replace the factory shocks and struts when lowering your Mustang. While it is not a requirement to swap them out when installing lowering springs, your Mustang will greatly benefit from a set of shocks and struts that are designed for lowered suspension. This is because of the compression and rebound characteristics and internal valving of the shocks and struts. When you lower the car, the position of the piston changes.

New Edge Mustang First Mods - New Edge Mustang First Mods

Cold Air Intakes

It’s no secret that colder, more dense air equals more power! Another top mod to the 99-04 Mustang is swapping out the old stock airbox in place of a Cold Air Intake (CAI). Purchasing a kit that has the filter placed inside of the fender, referred to as a Fenderwell CAI will net you the coolest air possible on the New Edge Mustang.

This way the hot air from the engine bay does not make its way into the engine, stunting your overall horsepower and fuel economy! Several aftermarket cold air intakes are available from brands like SVE, BBK, JLT, K&N, and others!

New Edge Mustang First Mods - New Edge Mustang First Mods

Upper Plenum | Throttle Body

Engines are nothing more than a large vacuum pump. They need sufficient air to function properly and with more air that is fed to the engine, it can run more efficiently and with more power! Changing the stock Throttle Body and Upper Plenum for a unit that has a larger opening will guarantee more air flowing into your 4.6L 2v engine! On the 1999-2004 SVT Cobra models, the plenum does not have an aftermarket following but the Throttle Body can easily be swapped out to make more power!

Check out this install and dyno pull of a Throttle Body and Plenum on our 2003 Mustang GT! It may not sound like much but this combo netted +6HP/+4TQ without the need for a tune!

New Edge Mustang First Mods - New Edge Mustang First Mods

Rear End Gears

In my opinion, swapping out the rear end gears from the factory 3.27 ratio to a 3.73 or 4.10 set up can help the car feel as if 50HP was added when in reality power was not increased! A set of rear-end gears will, in layman’s terms, cause the rear tires to spin faster while the driveshaft stays at the same speed. (Ex. 3 ¼ turns per one revolution of the driveshaft for 3.27 gears while slightly over 4 turns for 4.10 gears).

New Edge Mustang First Mods - New Edge Mustang First Mods

Rear Control Arms

From the factory, the New Edge Mustang’s rear upper and lower control arms are on the weaker side and can flex under heavy acceleration. Swapping them out for a set of Tubular rear control arms can vastly improve your handling and traction by reducing axle flex. This is due to the stronger tubed steel and the use of either urethane or spherical bushings in place of the softer rubber OEM bushings.

While the stronger tubular arms are a big improvement over the original stamped steel units, the bushings, especially with the lower control arms, take the brunt of the abuse. With racing applications, having the stiffest bushings installed like urethane or spherical options will greatly reduce the axle from moving forward, backward, or sideways under launching, heavy braking, or cornering!

New Edge Mustang First Mods - New Edge Mustang First Mods

Wheels And Tires

The most visual change to your car’s appearance will be changing to a different set of wheels and tires! There are a plethora of aftermarket options from SVE to increase not only curb appeal but function with a wheel and tire upgrade.

If you are a drag racer, going with a Mustang Drag Wheel set up like a 15x4 upfront and a 15x10 outback will not only drop unnecessary weight from the car but can greatly improve overall traction! For the road racer, having lighter, wider wheels and tires will keep the car planted going in and coming out of the corners! Choose from a wide variety of LMR's SVE branded wheels that offer industry-exclusive solutions!

For the everyday driver, the popular choices are upgrading to 18” Staggered wheels and tires that add an aggressive yet tasteful appearance to your New Edge!

New Edge Mustang First Mods - New Edge Mustang First Mods

Short Throw Shifter

New Edge Mustang mods like changing your OEM shifter for a short-throw shifter may not give you any increase in horsepower or torque, but the driving experience from the front seats will be much more fun! From the factory, manual-equipped Mustangs have a long throw with a sloppy feel. Shortening up the throw of the shifter handle will quicken your shifts resulting in quicker quarter-mile times and decreased missed shifts!

Adding all of these Best New Edge Mustang parts will turn your lackluster performing 1999-2004 Mustang into something that is a lot more fun to drive. There are places for totally stock cars in today’s Mustang world with low-mileage examples starting to hold good resale value but who can argue with ripping around in a New Edge Mustang with long tube headers, an open exhaust, and a new set of rear-end gears?

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