8 Rarest Fox Body Mustangs

Late Model Restoration gives you a closer look at some of the rare Fox Body Mustangs offered from Ford throughout the late 70s and early 90s!

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Rare Fox Body Mustangs - Rare Fox Body Mustangs

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1979 Mustang Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

1979 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car - 1979 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

For the first time since 1964, the Mustang had been selected to pace the Indianapolis 500 and it did it wearing a special themed livery and an assortment of exclusive parts. The popularity of the 1979 Fox Body Pace Car sparked the creation of a limited run of replicas that mimicked the three original examples. Available with exclusive options like Recaro buckets and the metric-sized TRX wheels this rare fox was highly desirable and saw a total production of 10,478 examples in the 1979 model year

1980-81 Mustang Cobra

1980-81 Mustang Cobra - 1980-81 Mustang Cobra

1980 saw another Mustang rocking a wild livery and special options transferring many of the exclusive 1979 pace car styling and performance cues to the new year model. Equipped with the 2.3 Turbo in 1980 this car made 132 hp and 142 lb-ft of torque all while sporting a wild graphics package complete with a blazing Cobra on the hood. This car was a part of Ford’s push to try and make their smaller displacement engines a driving force in the industry, but the 302 inevitably returned in 1982.

1984 Mustang GT350

1984 Mustang GT350 - 1984 Mustang GT350

Celebrating 20 years of the Mustang brought about another limited edition that paid tribute to the classic Mustang GT350 of 1964. This 1984 Mustang GT350 were all based on a standard 1984 Mustang (Hatchback or Convertible). These were built in just 35 days and featured an Oxford White exterior with red trim and a red interior. Of the 5,260 anniversary Mustangs made available, only 104 Turbo GT350 convertible models were created, each featuring the 2.3L turbocharged engine option. In all, it’s been reported that only 350 of the cars, both hatchback and convertible, featured the turbo engine.

1985-86 Sage Green SVO Mustang

1985-86 Sage Green SVO - 1985-86 Sage Green SVO

With only 47 SVO Mustangs Rolling out of Dearborn with Sage Green paint, between 1985 and 86, this is possibly one of the rarest Fox Body Mustangs on the road today. 20 Models made were produced and marketed as Hertz rental cars making the original examples even more desirable amongst Fox purists and SVO fanatics. If you find an SVO rocking the paint code 4E you’re truly standing in rare company, so snag a picture or make the purchase, because there’s no telling when or if you’ll see one again!

Roush 25th Anniversary Mustang Concept

Roush 25th Anniversary Concept - Roush 25th Anniversary Concept

Even rarer than the Sage Green SVO is this wild Roush Fox Body straight from the mind of Ford Racing legend, Jack Roush! Dubbed the “Performance Leader Mustang” this one-off special edition proposal featured a Twin-Turbo 351c.i. engine that pushed 400hp with only 8psi pushing through the turbos. Often thought of as the grandfather of the 93 Cobra, this car featured tasteful styling upgrades that eventually inspired the SVT-produced vehicle. Ahead of its time and axed by the hand of a recession we got only one example of this car which can be seen today at the Roush Museum in Livonia, Michigan.

1990 7-Up Mustang Convertible

1990 7-Up Mustang Convertible - 1990 7-Up Mustang Convertible

After a failed Marketing contest idea by 7-Up Bottling Company, Ford was left with a concept, a car, and nothing special to do for the Mustang’s 25th Anniversary which in turn birthed the 1990 Special Edition Convertible! Dubbed the 7-Up Edition by enthusiasts, this LX convertible featured GT Turbine Wheels, White top/interior, and coated in a beautiful shade of Emerald Green Paint. Ford only produced 4,103 “7-Up” models in 1990, but it was enough to stimulate sales and carry the Mustang through the Anniversary year with ease!

1992 Mustang "Summertime"

1992 Mustang "Summertime" - 1992 Mustang "Summertime"

Another Ford “Feature Car” was the Vibrant Red 1992 Mustang “Summer Special” Edition that was produced with the same purpose as the “7-Up” and was released during a time of struggling sales to boost sales numbers. Offered with a special appearance package, this car featured body-color trim, white top, white pony wheels, sport style spoiler, and a white/black interior combo to attract young buyers and bring customers into Ford showrooms. Only 2,193 units were produced in 1992 which only adds value to its tasteful appearance and makes it highly sought after!

1993 Mustang Cobra R

1993 Mustang Cobra R - 1993 Mustang Cobra R

The icing on the 14-year fox body cake was the limited production of the 1993 Mustang Cobra R. Built to showcase the full power of Ford’s newly formed Special Vehicle Team (SVT) this Cobra R was built with a race car mentality! The R model’s track-inspired handling came from heavy-duty MacPherson struts, Koni shocks on all four corners and the use of a front strut tower brace. You could have one in any color you wanted, as long as it was red, and production of the 1993 SVT Mustang Cobra R was limited to just 107 vehicles.