SN95/New Edge Mustang Weight Reduction

If you are looking to reduce weight on your SN95/New Edge Mustang look no further! Our extensive guide will show you many ways to achieve the needed results.

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SN95/New Edge Mustang Weight Reduction - SN95/New Edge Mustang Weight Reduction

Itching to shave off several tenths in the quarter-mile with your 1994-04 Mustang? Then you may want to consider one of the most cost-effective modifications you can do to your Mustang, weight reduction. It has been estimated that for every 100 pounds you can remove from the car, it can run one-tenth of a second faster at the drag strip. From removing the spare tire to scraping the sound deadening off of the floor pans, every ounce counts!

SN95/New Edge Mustang Weight Reduction - SN95/New Edge Mustang Weight Reduction

Below, you will find the specific curb weights of each model of the Mustang from 1994-04. Generally speaking, convertibles tend to weigh more than the coupes due to additional parts such as the convertible top motor, quarter window motor assemblies, hydraulic cylinders, etc. If you are looking to purchase one of these cars to start a race car project, the coupes are the best option since they are the lightest configuration and have the most structural rigidity. In our table below feel free to click on any of the year models to explore your specific year.

1994 Mustang3,065 - 3,524
1995 Mustang3,065 - 3,524
1996 Mustang3,077 - 3,524
1997 Mustang3,077 - 3,524
1998 Mustang3,065 - 3,524
1999 Mustang3,069 - 3,580
2000 Mustang3,069 - 3,600
2001 Mustang3,069 - 3,560
2002 Mustang3,069 - 3,400
2003 Mustang3,066 - 3,780
2004 Mustang3,066 - 3,780

SN95/New Edge Mustang Weight Reduction - SN95/New Edge Mustang Weight ReducReductiontion

As with any race car, the weight of the factory parts can add up very quickly. Below is a detailed chart of the weight for the most common parts removed for the sole purpose of weight savings on the 1994-04 Mustangs. By doing so, you can eliminate unnecessary features that may no longer serve a purpose in your project car. By the way, did we mention these modifications are FREE?!

NOTE: These weights may differ based on the options your car came with from the factory. Also removing some of these items may prevent your vehicle from passing state inspection, alter the handling characteristics, and increase the level of NVH “noise vibration harshness

Strut Tower Brace10
Windshield Washer Tank2
A/C Compressor20
A/C Condenser8
A/C Canister, Lines, & Brackets15
Stock H-Pipe (4 Catalytic Converters)45
Power Steering Pump, Lines, Reservoir16
Front Sway Bar & Endlinks17
Rear Sway Bar9
Quad Shocks8
Black Box Under Differential5
Stock Bullitt Wheels (17x8)28
Front Bumper Support & Foam18
Rear Spoiler7
Wiper Arms & Blades2
Fog Lights & Brackets6
Door Panels10
Mach 460 Door Speakers6
Amp Rack16
Amps5 (together)
Rear Seat Back & Base35
Rear Headrest Panel5
Rear Seat Belts6
Driver Power Seat55
Passenger Manual Seat40
Passenger Air Bag9
Driver Side Air Bag3
Center Console7
Sound Deadening (under carpet)25
Heater Core / A/C Box20
Spare Tire20
Jack and Handle7
Rear Felt Trunk Liners & Spare Tire Carpet15


Hoods are an overlooked part as the factory hoods can be boat anchors. By upgrading to an aftermarket fiberglass hood, you can enjoy a fresh new look and see weight savings of 20 lbs or more!

1994-98 Hood Parts
1999-04 Hoods Parts


If you are looking to shave off some excess weight off the front and rear of your Mustang you may consider upgrading to a Tubular K-Member & A-arms, Tubular Upper & Lower Control Arms, and Tubular Bumper Supports. Not only are these parts great for weight savings, but they also increase chassis rigidity, correct suspension geometry, and free up much-needed space underneath the car. This ultimately makes the car easier to work on and launch better at the track!
SN95/New Edge Mustang Weight Reduction - SN95/New Edge Mustang Weight Reduction

1994-04 Mustang Coil-Over Kits
1994-04 Mustang Rear Control Arm Components
1994-04 Tubular Bumper Support


Depending on the brand/make of the seat, you can put your Mustang on a serious diet! From personal experience, some options can weigh as little as 12 lbs! If you are looking for something more stylish and comfortable, but still want to retain the racing feel, look no further than our friends over at Corbeau! They even offer a variety of seats and harness bars that allow you to mount racing harnesses into your Mustang!
SN95/New Edge Mustang Weight Reduction - SN95/New Edge Mustang Weight Reduction

1994-04 Mustang Racing Seats


If you are not removing weight from the car, you can always improve the efficiency of your drivetrain! By upgrading to a lightweight flywheel and driveshaft, you are decreasing the rotational mass that the engine has to turn, thus resulting in better throttle response and overall improved acceleration from a dead stop.
SN95/New Edge Mustang Weight Reduction - SN95/New Edge Mustang Weight Reduction

1994-04 Mustang Driveshaft Components
1994-04 Mustang Flywheels


In drag racing, every ounce counts. If you are serious about dropping weight, you may want to look into a manual steering and manual brake conversion. By doing so, you are eliminating all of the extra lines, pump, reservoir, hydroboost, etc.

1994-04 Mustang Steering Components
1994-04 Mustang Brakes

Fiberglass Hood20
Tubular K MemberUp To 34 lbs
Tubular A ArmsUp To 17 lbs
Tubular Bumper Support4
Aftermarket Aluminum Race Seat12
Aluminum Cylinder HeadsUp To 50 lbs
Lightweight Race Wheels (ex: Weld Pro Stars)11 lbs each (front runners) & 14 lbs each (rears)
Aluminum DriveshaftUp To 4 lbs
Lightweight Flywheel12
Manual Steering Rack ConversionUp To 15 lbs
Lightweight Race Brakes30-32 lbs (front) & 10-15 (rear)


1994-04 Mustang SVE Drag Wheels
1994-04 Mustang Cylinder Head Accessories
1994-04 Mustang Radiators & Heat Exchangers
1994-04 Mustang H-Pipes & X-Pipes

Here at Late Model Restoration, we want to help you achieve your weight loss goals with your Mustang. We hope that the information in this article will open your eyes at all of the potential the 1994-04 Mustangs have. If you need help with your project or racecar, please feel free to contact us! For all of your 1979 to Present Mustang needs, keep it right here with the real Mustang enthusiasts,