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Shop the best in restoration, performance & styling for your 1984-86 SVO Mustang Fox Body at! From 1984-86, Ford produced the iconic 2.3L SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) Mustang which quickly became a fan favorite of Mustang Enthusiasts everywhere! Featuring the reliability and economy of the 4 cylinder turbocharged powerplant + the upgraded styling hues of 6 piece headlights, unique hood & front grille, and 5-lug disc brakes. Find your next SVO Mustang mod or restoration part including weatherstrip, hoods, wheels, headlights, moldings and more at Late Model Restoration!

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History Of The Mustang SVO

The SVO Mustang was first debuted as a prototype in 1982 at an endurance race and later released as a production car from 1984-1986!

How Much Power Will A 1986 SVO Fox Body Mustang Make?

Check out LMR's dyno of our popular 1986 SVO Fox Body Mustang! You might be surprised by the results from this Jalapeno Red SVO.

SVO Ball Joint and Control Arm Alternative Replacement Options

For years, SVO owners were left with costly NOS parts to service their ball joints for an OEM control arm. Follow along in the article below, and we will show you an easy way to get your SVO back on the road.

LMR's 1986 Fox Body Mustang SVO

LMR's 1986 Ford Mustang SVO is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that was only made for three years. Follow along as we take a closer look at our 1986 SVO.