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S550 Mustang First Mods | 2015-22

Follow this article guide from Late Model Restoration that will examine the best first mods for 2015-22 S550 Mustangs!

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S550 Mustang First Mods | 2015-22 - S550 Mustang First Mods | 2015-21

It is hard to believe that the S550 Ford Mustang model started over 6+ years ago. During this period the S550 Mustang received many changes especially beginning in 2018 in which it received the most significant revamp. It consisted of updates to the exterior, interior, and engine. These changes sort of made the S550 into two different generations in one due to the many significant and non-significant changes over this period.

In 2015 many changes occurred after the conclusion of the S197 Mustang. One of these moves was from a solid rear axle to an independent rear suspension. Also in 2015 marked the beginning of the EcoBoost engine as well as the 2nd Gen Coyote Engine. Horsepower for 2015 Mustang models ranged between 310-526 HP and in 2021 this number has improved from models having between 310-760 HP!

Many S550 Mustangs have been modified at this stage of their lives but if you get your hands on a stock, blank canvas car, this article will be the one for you! This article will examine the Best First Mods for S550 Mustangs!

S550 Mustang Appearance Mods - S550 Mustang Appearance Mods

Appearance Mods

Step up the exterior of your S550 Mustang with our wide assortment of Appearance Mods! Start off by adding our popular Ford Performance Modified Bullitt Front Grille Kit to transform the front end of your 2018+ Mustang with Bullitt-inspired styling.

Moving to the rear, check out our Scott Drake Wicker Bill Style Race Spoiler! This features an adjustable, clear Lexan flap and will improve rear downforce to keep the rear of your S550 Mustang planted during high speeds. Finish off your rear by adding one of our S550 Mustang Deck Lid Trim Panels from Ford Performance! This will eliminate the rear trunk emblem on your Mustang to provide a clean and sleek appearance.

We also have a ton of other exterior appearance components such as hoods, quarter panels scoops & louvers, chin spoilers, bumpers, and much more! Click the button below for a full list of all of our S550 Mustang Appearance Mods!

S550 Mustang Catback Exhaust - S550 Mustang Catback Exhaust

Cat-Back Exhaust

Our S550 Mustang Catback Exhaust Kits will bolt directly to your factory components for a quick and easy way to increase both sound and power! Choose from great brands such as SVE, Magnaflow, Ford Performance, Borla, Flowmaster, and more!

The best budget-friendly exhaust that we offer is our SVE Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust Kit. This features high flow mufflers, T304 Stainless Steel Construction, 2.5" Mandrel Bent Tubing, High Flow H-Pipe, and Dual Wall 4.5" Tips!. Please note that this will only fit 2017-2017 Mustang GT Coupes and Does Not Fit Convertibles.

If you have an Ecoboost Mustang and are having a tough time finding high quality exhaust look no further. Our MBRP 3" Race Catback Exhaust is a great choice because it includes 16 gauge aluminized steel, welded on hangars, 4.5" Tips, and a 3-year MBRP Exhaust Warranty!

Lastly, if you have a more unique S550 Mustang such as Roush, Shelby GT350/R, or Shelby GT500 we have catback exhaust offerings as well! Some of our brands such as Roush, Borla, and Corsa all carry components for these specialty models. For more info on all of our S550 Mustang catback exhaust offerings click the button below!

S550 Mustang Midpipes and Headers - S550 Mustang Midpipes and Headers


Add more performance and horsepower to your 2015+ S550 Mustang with a new mid-pipe from LMR! When replacing your restrictive resonator with one of our high flow mid-pipes, will help improve your Mustang's exhaust flow to help free up more power. Our SVE X-Pipe Resonator Delete for all S550 Mustang GT models is a perfect choice if you are needing a great budget-friendly x-pipe that is easy to install as well as provides more horsepower and a throaty exhaust. A great H-pipe that we offer is from Roush and will fit all GT & Bullitt S550 models. This Roush H crossover provides a deep tone that is sure to turn heads! We also carry mid pipes from brands such as MBRP, Corsa, BBK, Roush, Flowmaster, Ford Performance, and more!

Our S550 Mustang Headers will replace your stock exhaust manifolds with wider tubes that will increase the flow of exhaust which in turn increases horsepower and torque! We carry both shorty and long tube headers from BBK, as well as more header options from Stainless Power, JBA, and Kooks. Check out our full list of mid-pipes and headers below!

S550 Mustang Lowering Springs - S550 Mustang Lowering Springs

Lowering Springs

Want to add better handling, cornering, and looks on and off the track? Then our 2015+ S550 Mustang Springs are perfect for you! LMR offers various systems for street, strip, and road course-specific setups. Our most popular is our SVE Progressive Rate Lowering Springs set up that lowers your Mustang 1.0-1.1" and includes a silver finish. This kit will suit your needs whether you're driving on the street or on the track.

We also carry lowering springs from other brands such as Eibach, Ford Performance, BMR, Steeda, and Pedders! These kits range from applications for Ecoboost/V6 models all the way to the high performance GT350/R models! Shop our S550 Mustang Spring offerings below!

S550 Mustang Cold Air Intakes - S550 Mustang Cold Air Intakes

Cold Air Intakes

Adding a Cold Air Intake to your 5.0, 5.2, 3.7, or 2.3 S550 Mustang will help increase horsepower and torque to your S550 Mustang for that competitive edge! S550 Mustang cold air intake systems are designed to bring in colder air to your engine that makes more power throughout the RPM range.

Some of our most popular brands are JLT, Airaid, K&N, Ford Performance, Roush, BBK, among others! Shop for your S550 Ecoboost/V6 models all the way up to the JLT GT500 Big air Intake Kit! We at LMR have all of the S550 Mustang Cold Air Kits you will need!

S550 Mustang Tuners - S550 Mustang Tuners


Choose from our variety of S550 Mustang tuners that can be used to adjust all types of engine parameters to tune after cold air intake install, exhaust add-ons, or any additional engine mods that you have added. They can even run diagnostic codes when you have a check engine light on!

One of our best tuners is our SCT X4 Tuner that is pre-loaded with dyno-proven tune files and can store up to 10 custom tune files. It also comes equipped with a huge backlit LCD display with high-speed data logging and monitoring. Shop this or more of our other tuners below to find the perfect one for you!

S550 Mustang Rear End Gears - S550 Mustang Rear End Gears

Rear End Gears

Our variety of S550 Mustang rings and pinion gears are one of the top ways to increase performance and improve your acceleration. We offer 3.31, 3.55, 3.73, and 4.09 rear and gears and gear kits! Our rear end gears are offered by Ford Performance to ensure that you receive the highest quality components for your build.

The kits feature heavy-duty steel ring and pinion gears, upgraded bearings and shims, as well as all of the needed install components needed to get the job done! Also, check out our Mustang Gear Ratio Guide to better help you find the correct gears for your model Mustang!

S550 Mustang LED Lighting - S550 Mustang LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Our easy-to-use S550 Mustang LED Lighting Kits are easy to install and will help to transform your Mustang's look! Refresh your 2015-17 Mustang's exterior with a new set of replacement S550 headlights! These are designed to look just like your factory set and are the perfect restoration piece for your Ecoboost, V6, and GT S550 Mustang.

Lighting that is often overlooked are your turn signal lights! Our clear sequential LED turn signals from Diode Dynamics are the perfect upgrade for your 2015-17 Mustang because they feature plug-n-play connectors for a quick install with no mods needed! It also comes equipped with a programmable speed which allows you to dial in the turn signal to your liking.

Finish off your LED lighting with our Euro-Style Sequential tail lights! These lights are similar to what Ford issued on the European spec Mustangs and feature a crisp, clean style with a great sequential turn signal function.

S550 Mustang Wheels & Tires - S550 Mustang Wheels & Tires

Wheels And Tires

Often we hear from customers how the factory S550 wheels are not as appealing as they could have been, so that's why we at LMR have released a ton of different SVE wheels offerings to your Mustang to give you the perfect look for your build! Choose from our popular SVE Drag Comps, Series 3, Drifts, SP2's, and many more!

LMR carries individual wheels, wheel kits, and wheel and tires kits which come mounted, balanced, and ready to install on your S550 Mustang! We carry over 20 different S550 applicable wheels to ensure that we meet the needs of every individual needs. Click the button below to see all of our wheel offerings!

S550 Mustang Short Throw Shifter - S550 Mustang Short Throw Shifter

Short Throw Shifter

Get your S550 Mustang shifting more accurately and quicker with our performance short throw shifters! Short throw shifters shorten the length you have to shift which results in quicker times and a more natural feel. We carry short throw shifters from popular brands such as Ford Performance and Steeda. These short throw shifters can shorten your shift throw between 15-30% to ensure you get the best track times possible!

Our short throw shifters feature high quality construction, easy installation, and help prolong your transmission life due to the decreased chance of shifting errors because of the shortened shift throw. Check out our offerings below!

Adding any of these Top First S550 Mustang parts will turn your underwhelming 2015-2021 Mustang into something that is a lot more fun to drive and enjoy. There are places for totally stock cars in today’s Mustang world with low-mileage examples starting to hold good resale value but who can argue with the plethora of mods that we at LMR provide that can take your S550 Mustang to a whole new level! Shop our wide variety of S550 Mustang parts below to start modding today!

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