Mustang Complete Wiring Harnesses

Posted 8/1/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch this video as we highlight a few of our complete 5.0Resto wiring harnesses for Mustangs. See our full selection below!

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Don't let bad wiring harnesses slow your Mustang project! With the help of 5.0Resto new replacement wiring harnesses and pigtails, you can finally put those annoying wiring issues to bed. You no longer have to cut, strip and solder damaged wires. Complete harnesses allow for plug and play installation to ease your electrical problems in your Fox Body, SN95 and S197 Mustang. We also have a wide selection of pigtail connectors to ease the replacing of bad connections with factory style plugs. Whether you are looking for a harness or pigtail for your engine, A/C system, transmission, fuel system or more, and 5.0Resto have you covered with a complete selection! Check out the wide variety below!

Mustang Complete Wiring Harnesses - mustang engine wiring harnesses

Mustang Wiring Harnesses

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Mustang Wiring Harnesses: Engine Conversion & Restoration Harnesses

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Published on 2013-08-01
Whether you are looking for engine harness, fuel harnesses or just replacement oxygen sensor harnesses, 5.0Resto has you covered with a full selection of harnesses to ensure you don't spend all your time patching up a worn factory harness.
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No matter what wiring project you have going on with your mustang, we have you covered with everything you need to get the job done right.

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From complete engine conversion harnesses to factory correct restoration harnesses to the simplest of replacement connector pigtails, has exactly what you need