1987-1993 Fox Body Mustang Center Console Parts

Restore or upgrade your 1987-1993 Fox Body Mustang center console with a complete selection of replacement and aftermarket center console parts.

At, we strive to offer all of the components you need to restore your 1987-1993 Fox Body Mustang. When it comes to your interior, the center console is one of the most used and abused parts, leading to broken or malfunctioning components. With our high-quality 1987-1993 Fox Body Mustang center console components, you can build out a complete dash for a completely restored look. Shop our full center consoles, console top panels, shifter resto kits, center console armrest pads, and all of the necessary trim to finish out your new center console. We also offer complete hardware kits to ensure you have every piece you need for a quick and easy installation.
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1987-1993 Mustang Center Console

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What Parts Are Needed For A 1987-93 Fox Body Mustang Center Console?

Center Console - The center console on 1987-1993 Mustangs is the base component that the console top panel and console accessories mount to. Until now, this part was obsolete in the aftermarket, leaving Fox Body enthusiasts scouring online marketplaces and junkyards for lightly used consoles that could be restored. With the introduction of the 5.0Resto 1987-1993 Mustang center console, you can get a brand new, full center console to finish your Fox Body interior restoration.

Console Top Panel - The console top panel is the part most Fox Body owners know as it is located at the top of the console. In factory form, these top panels housed the ashtray and stretched from the shift bezel to the armrest. If you want to give your Fox Body a custom new look and some functionality, the 5.0Resto cup holder console panel is the perfect upgrade.

Shifter Restoration Kit - Since the shifter assembly mounts within your center console, a shifter restoration kit will help give your center console a completely restored look. These kits vary in components, but you can choose from shifter bezels, upper and lower shifter boots, shifter handles, and shift knobs. Over time, your shifter and shifter boots can start to wear out, giving your interior an outdated and worn-out look.

Center Console Armrest - If you want to go with a complete factory look and retain your center console armrest, LMR has everything you need to restore your center console armrest. Choose from a variety of colors to match your specific interior. These kits will include a new armrest pad, trim panel kit, and the necessary hardware to get it all installed.

Center Console Armrest Delete - If you want a cleaner look for your Fox Body interior, you can remove the center console armrest completely and install a delete panel on your center console. These Fox Body center console armrest delete panels are mounted on the rear of your console in place of your center console for a more streamlined look.

Finish Out/Trim Panels/Hardware - Lastly, you will want to get all of the necessary finish-out panels and trim pieces that complete your center console. This can include access plugs, A/C control trim bezels, A/C knobs, radio install panels, and ashtray kits. LMR also offers a wide selection of center console hardware kits to ensure you have everything you need to install each of your center console components.