SVE Mustang Brake Parts

Upgrade your brake system with SVE Mustang brakes from Late Model Restoration!

  • SVE Mustang Brake Parts
When you start making more power in your Fox Body, SN-95, or New Edge, you are going to need a good brake set up to safely slow you down. SVE brake kits and Mustang 5 lug conversion kits are perfect for upgrading looks, performance, and stopping power. Choose from our many 5 lug swap kits that include SVE Cobra brakes, axles, rotors, spindles, brake lines, and everything else you need to make the conversion. Wanting to upgrade your 94-04 brakes? Pick up a set of SVE Cobra brake calipers and rotors kit! This kit includes 13" cobra rotors and dual piston calipers for a huge increase in braking performance.