Mustang Cooling Fans, Blades, & Clutches

Stock replacement Mustang cooling fans as well as aftermarket performance Mustang electric cooling fans from brands like Mishimoto and Flex-a-lite, plus all of the stock replacement electric cooling fans for your 4.6L or 3.8L Mustang. Cooling fans become brittle and crack or break due to the large amount if heat that builds up in the Mustang engine bay. Replace yourmMustang cooling fan now before you overheat your pony!

Aftermarket Cooling Fans and Shrouds

Mustang Cooling Fans, Blades, & Clutches Tech Info

A bad or poor performing Mustang fan clutch can really affect your Mustang 5.0L cooling. LRS offers a replacement Mustang fan clutch as well as a Ford original Mustang fan clutch. Dont forget the LRS "beat the heat" kit that includes a Mustang Fan clutch, Mustang Mishimoto Radiator for Manual Transmission, Mishimoto Black Silicone Radiator Hose Kit for 5.0L with clamps, Stock Mustang Replacement Cooling Fan Blade, Stock Replacement Mustang 5.0L Cooling Fan Shroud, Stock Replacement 5.0L Water Pump, fox body 1979-93 MustangRadiator Air Deflector, Royal Purple Purple Ice Cooling System Additive. What a deal!