1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Gauge Clusters

Replace your worn, missing, or malfunctioning 1979-93 Mustang gauge cluster with a new digital or replacement gauge cluster from!

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Fox Body Mustang Gauge Clusters

Over time your Fox Body Mustang instrument clusters can become jumpy, faded, malfunctioning or backlighting may not illuminate on your coupe, hatchback, or convertible Ford Mustang. The speedometer, oil pressure, odometer, fuel level, and tachometer on the instrument gauge cluster often fail to function because of printed circuit board damage or internal magnet damage.  Replacement OEM gauges can be extremely costly since Ford no longer makes them, and fixing them can be expensive and timely. 
In the past, most people would remove the stock 1979-1993 foxbody mustang gauges and replace them with gauge pods with aftermarket bezels, tach, and speedos. While this can give a muscle car appearance, it can leave you without the important turn signal, alternator, headlight, and engine dummy lights. Replacing those old gauges with new aftermarket digital Fox Body gauge clusters from  Autometer digital gauge clusters, Holley digital dash, and Dakota Digital gauges will give you a refreshed look without looking out of place in the Fox Body. These aftermarket instrument panels look at home in the Ford Fox Body Mustang, even the coveted Cobra R, Saleen, SVT Cobra, and SVO.  
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