Best SN95 Mustang Lowering Springs Ranked & Reviewed

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Date Created: 3/24/2022
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Check out Late Model Restoration's Best SN95 Mustang Lowering Spring rankings so that you can choose the best brand that works for your build!

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Best SN95 Mustang Lowering Springs - Best SN95 Mustang Lowering Springs

When choosing lowering springs for your SN95 Mustang, you can be presented with a wide variety of fits, finishes, spring rates, and more that can make choosing a kit extremely difficult. Check out Late Model Restoration's Best SN95 Mustang Lowering Springs to select the best brand that works for your build!

SN95 Mustang Lowering Spring Guide
NamePart NumberFitmentFront DropRear Drop
Eibach Pro KitEIB-35101994-1998 V6/GT/Cobra Hardtop1.1"1.1"
Eibach Pro Kit (Conv)EIB-35301994-1998 GT/Cobra Convertible1.3"1.4"
Eibach SportlineEIB-410351994-1998 GT/Cobra Hardtop2.0"1.8"   
Eibach Drag Full KitEIB-93101994-1998 V6/GT/CobraN/AN/A
Ford Performance Progressive RateM5300B1994-1998 GT/Cobra Hardtop.75"1.125"
Ford Performance Specific RateM5300C1994-1998 GT/Cobra Hardtop.75"1.125"
Steeda Lowering SpringsST-55582001994-1998 GT/Cobra Hardtop1.0"1.25"

Eibach SN95 Lowering Springs


When it comes to finding the perfect fitment on your SN95, the Eibach Sportline, Eibach Pro-Kit, and Drag Launch springs will look right at home on your build. These springs are sold and offered directly at LMR and are affordable at any budget. We currently offer multiple specs to fit both Mustang GT coupe and convertible!

We want to mention that Eibach also offers a rear spring kit designed explicitly for drag racing. This rear-lowering kit is a great way to help launch your car for quicker ETs. See the provided part numbers below to learn more.

Part NumberFitmentFront DropRear Drop
EIB-35101994-1998 V6/GT/Cobra Hardtop1.1"1.1"
EIB-35301994-1998 GT/Cobra Convertible1.3"1.4"
EIB-410351994-1998 GT/Cobra Hardtop2.0"1.8"
EIB-93101994-1998 V6/GT/CobraN/AN/A
EIB-9310002RK1994-1998 V6/GT/CobraN/AN/A

Benefits & Features
Excellent Ride QualityVarious Rate Springs
Less Wheel GapBlack, Red, and Blue Finishes
Improved HandlingPrecision Engineered


Eibach Springs are made right here in the USA in Corona, California. These springs were first created to meet the most extreme requirements of racing purposes. That's why many of the big racing companies like F1, NASCAR, etc. recommended their products and many use them on their racing vehicles. Their production technology is recognized by many as a leader in its field. This is due to their high-strength spring-steel alloys and many other components that make them stand out from the crowd.

Ford Performance SN95 Lowering Springs

Best SN95 Mustang Lowering Springs - Best SN95 Mustang Lowering Springs

When you want the highest quality sport lowering springs, Ford Performance exceeds the standards of any aftermarket part company. These coil springs are available in both specific and progressive rates for V6 and GT convertible/coupe models.

Part NumberFitmentFront DropRear Drop
M5300B1994-1998 GT/Cobra Hardtop.75"1.125"
M5300C1994-1998 GT/Cobra Hardtop.75"1.125"

Firmer RideComes In A Black or Blue Finish
Benefits & Features
Improved HandlingAvailable For Coupe Or Convertible
Direct ReplacementProgressive Rate


Being the high-performance division of the Ford Motor Company, this company specializes in aftermarket parts for many models including the Mustang. Their Mustang parts are designed, engineered, and developed to the most rigorous Ford OE standards. This has given them the right to wear the historic Ford oval.

Steeda SN95 Lowering Springs

Best SN95 Mustang Lowering Springs - Best SN95 Mustang Lowering Springs

Saving one of the best for last is Steeda Lowering Springs. Available in both Ultralite and Sport springs, these are the best for perfect drop height and ride comfort! Steeda is well known for its classic blue finish and is proudly made here in the USA. Shop Steeda today for another good lowering spring option for your SN95 Mustang.


Part NumberFitmentFront DropRear Drop
ST-55582001994-1998 GT/Cobra Hardtop1.0"1.25"

Increased HandlingMade In The USA
Benefits & Features
Improved StylingBlue Finish
Firmer RideProgressive Rate


Getting their start in 1988 by Dario Orlando, he chose to use his extensive background in engineering and racecar development to elevate Ford Performance Vehicles to a whole new level of incomparable performance. Steeda also offers the most complete line of Ford-based parts in the world today and is considered the biggest privately owned Ford-performance-based company.


We at LMR hope this SN95 Mustang Lowering Spring buying guide has helped you decide which brand best suits your needs by letting you weigh the benefits and features. Also, be in mind that all of the brands in this list are top manufacturers in the industry, so you can’t go wrong with your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Lower My SN95 Mustang?

Lowering your SN95 Mustang sounds complicated, but it’s one of the best ways for beginners to gain knowledge and experience when working on their Mustang. Some of the critical components to keep in mind when lowering is:

  • Do the job right the first time
  • Pick the appropriate springs
  • Make sure your front and rear suspensions are square

    To learn more and follow the step-by-step guide to lowering your SN95 Mustang, check out our SN95 lowering spring install video.

    Are Lowering Springs Worth It On An SN95 Ford Mustang?

    Yes! There are a dozen of benefits to lowering your Mustang. The five most significant pros include:

  • Better stance
  • Enhanced traction
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Superior handling
  • Lower center of gravity

  • Will Lowering Springs Affect Ride Quality?

    A firm suspension is what you expect — it’s more rigid with a less smooth feeling, meaning you sense most bumps. However, while the quality of the ride may not be up to factory standards, you’re receiving better handling, which is why firmer can be better than smoother. High-performing sports cars like your Mustang have a stiff suspension that enables you to have better handling while cornering at higher speeds. It helps your vehicle stay on the pavement, too.

    If you want to achieve better traction for your SN95, we highly recommend taking a step further to upgrade your camber plates, control arms, bushings, struts, and spring isolators.

    These Mustang lowering springs fit Ford Mustang GT, V6, Mach 1, SVT Cobra, Bullitt, etc.

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