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Maximum Motorsports | Mustang Parts

When it comes to getting your Mustang handling better than ever, Late Model Restoration has you covered with Maximum Motorsports Mustang parts.

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Mustang Maximum Motorsports Parts

Maximum Motorsports offers a huge variety of aftermarket suspension and chassis parts for your 1979-2021 Mustang. Choose from caster camber plates, k-members, control arms, torque arms, roll cages, brake hoses, brake lines, springs, sway bars, panhard bars, strut tower braces, bushings, and much more. These parts are perfect for restoring your Mustang's suspension or getting it ready for track day. Pick up your Maximum Motorsports Mustang parts at Late Model Restoration to ensure your Mustang has superior quality parts on it!

Maximum Motorsports first opened its doors in 1992. Since then, their team of performance enthusiasts has worked tirelessly to develop some of the most cutting-edge Mustang performance goods. Despite the fact that they have relocated into larger facilities on many occasions, they have still remained on California's central coast, in the lovely town of San Luis Obispo.

Maximum Motorsports is a well-known manufacturer of suspension systems and performance components. They have gained consistent acclaim from the automotive press, the aftermarket performance industry, and customers since its inception.

Leading Design

Maximum Motorsports aims to produce the highest quality parts possible. They're perfectionists but will never try to sell you anything that they wouldn't put on their own vehicles. They describe and evaluate a problem before coming up with the best possible solution and are dedicated to being the best they can possibly be. At Maximum Motorsports, they are constantly striving to raise the bar. That's why MM is such a popular option among knowledgeable enthusiasts.

Maximum Motorsports was the first to do the following:

  • Caster/Camber plates that can be adjusted individually for caster and camber.
  • Plates for casters and cambers that were originally designed to allow a coil-over conversion.
  • Their 4-bolt caster/camber Plates have a U.S. patent for their revolutionary nature.
  • Bilstein struts and shocks coil-over conversion packages.
  • All aftermarket brake lines were previously made from universal hoses with AN fittings and adapters to suit a Mustang before they created Braided stainless steel brake lines for a direct fit.
  • Roll bars that could be mounted to comply with NHRA rules without the need for interior welding.
  • Bumpsteer analysis demonstrating that using offset steering rack bushings on a stock k-member exacerbated the problem.
  • The pinch weld on the firewall's highest point was connected to the strut tower braces.
  • K-members of the same strength as a stock k-member.
  • On an aftermarket K-member, 2-point braces are common.
  • Torque-arms with a pattern that won us a patent in the United States.
  • Subframe connectors that run the entire length of the frame. We also came up with the name.

Stick with the leader in suspension design, Maximum Motorsports, for the best high performance suspension parts for the Mustang!